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just me and you.
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[011909 12:41am ]


I claim Toshiya From Dir En Grey Plleeeaaaasseeee!!!
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[081308 11:56pm ]

DBSK IS MINE! *Huggles Jaejoongie plush*
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Hi minna-san! [051807 12:27pm ]

I want to adopt Aoi of The GazettE and if possible: Yuuki of UnsraW.^^
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new [021807 6:19pm ]

Hi, i'm new and i'd like to request Kyo from Dir en grey if I can XD
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Hello there!~ [112206 12:59am ]

[ mood | cold ]

Greetz! Ni-chan desu! A_A I would like Seek from Psycho le Cemu please. Denkyuu!

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[102506 10:07am ]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Hello~! I'd like to claim Gackt! *___________________*

Sankyu! <3333


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[102506 2:21am ]

Dear Gothic Lolita lovers,

My name is Stephanie and I recently joined your community ^_^ I've always been a huge fan of gothic lolita fashion and japanese street fashion - interesting colours, amazing designs. Wonderful! We have a few shops in Australia but not enough, *sigh*

I have decided to do an assignment on gothic lolita fashion and western (american/australian) gothic fashion and I need everyone’s help!! I was hoping people could answer a few questions for me? Whatever ones you think you can answer, feel comfortable in answering. Also, if anyone knew of any other gothic lolita livejournal communities or fashion websites, could you please tell me these? Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it!

1. What is fashion?

2. Describe gothic lolita fashion. Clothes? Colours? Jewellery?

3. Do you wear gothic lolita fashion? Why/why not?

4. What sort of Japanese people (example, teenage girls? boys?) dress in gothic lolita fashion? Why do you think this is (example, their favourite music idols dress in it?)

5. What is your favourite gothic lolita outfit (at the moment, if you have one). Why is it your favourite?

6. What is a goth?

7. Are you a goth? Why?

8. Are there gothic people in Japan? If yes, do you know what their common age/sex/occupation is?

9. Do you have to be gothic to dress in gothic lolita fashion?

Thanks so much everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
If you dont want to reply here, my email/msn is
^_^ Thank you, thankyou! ^_^
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The Date [FIC] Part 2 [092406 3:02pm ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This community is pretty cool and purposeful! I want NewS and for my friend, St. Anime: KAT-TUN!!

Here's a fic to show my appreciation:

Title: The Conversation
Part of: The Date (Chapter two)
Rating: PG-13 for BL
Genre: Crack! Fluff
Features: Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN
Dedication Ani (the real St. Anime)
Summary: Massu and Tego prepares for their date. Massu, however, calls upon the force of Akanishi Jin for dating advice. Jin has some kooky sayings that will surely have him replaying in his head during their “magical excursion”.

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Oh Me! Me! Pick me! [090706 12:22am ]

I'd have to say I feel the need to claim TM Revolution

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[081706 8:30pm ]

I totally claim Gots from FLOW. So cute! Haha I get to see them in concert soon, so excited!!
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[061506 12:41am ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

can i claim Ruki from (the) Gazette please? thanks :D

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*0* [052906 11:49pm ]

[ mood | excited ]

OMG!! Can I claim Hyde pleeeeeeeeeeaase!!!! Thank you! 
....and my name's Katelyn n_~ <3

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Hello [050206 11:52am ]

[ mood | sad ]

KARYU MINE!!!!!! lol THe names Miharu. lol

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[121604 12:37pm ]

Yeah, so this is the first entry in this new community. I highly doubt that this will get off its feet, but if it does, awesome.
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